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VAST Bank Block 44

Tulsa, Oklahoma

$40 million | 107,000 sq. ft. | To be Completed in 2019

One of Carpathia’s newest projects is a six-story office building adjacent to ONEOK Field in downtown Tulsa. Block 44 is designed to complement the stadium and surrounding Arts District, featuring an architectural nod to the district’s industrial ­past.

The building will provide more than 100,000 sq. ft. of mixed-use space, including a corporate headquarters for VAST Bank and offices for several other professional services, as well as a rooftop restaurant overlooking the first base line of ONEOK Field, with a balcony area for seating. The sixth floor will also have conference space for meetings and an entertainment area with sliding glass doors that open onto the balcony, while the ground floor will accommodate new restaurants and shops.

This project was codeveloped with Vast Bank and purchased from the Tulsa Development Authority.