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International Harvester Building

Tulsa, Oklahoma

$6 million | 37,000 sq. ft. | Completed in 2015

The development team actively managed the search for a facility, conducting extensive research of identified areas and prospective buildings. Looking not only at constructability, but also detailing the potential funding sources, economic analysis, and feasibility of each prospective site, the team acquired the building.

Constructed in 1937, International Harvester operated as an auto showroom and repair garage for decades. Today, it’s a contributing building to the Blue Dome Historic District and has been renovated for use as Ross Group’s corporate headquarters. Throughout the renovations, the historic, industrial, and commercial character was maintained. Every decision in the design and renovation pays homage to the original structure.

In addition to the historic renovation, the rehabilitated building incorporates renewable energy sources and sustainable energy best practices. The building has 120 rooftop solar panels that generate between 10% to 20% of the electricity needed to power the building. The building also includes a geothermal system for heating and cooling the building. This is a very cost-effective and sustainable way minimizing the building’s carbon footprint.